Kevin Viilo

• Keyboards
• Vocals
• Bass Keys

Kevin is the founding member of Trilogy, which made its debut in 1978. He plays many roles as leader, keyboardist, bass keys, arranger and vocalist for Trilogy. Kevin also books various music venues in the Greater Grand Rapids area. His classical training was obtained right here at Grand Rapids very own GRCC (JC). Currently Kevin can be found playing 3-5 nights a week with either Trilogy or one of his other musical projects such as: Yellow Brick Road Dueling Pianos (link), Classic Adult Contemporary band “BandShe” and also with his wife of over 25 years and band mate Racquel as a duet they call “Kev & Racquel’s Rockin Piano Show”. His Ability to play a wide array of music helps Kevin fit into almost any musical situation.

Racquel Viilo

• Lead Vocalist
• Auxiliary Percussion
• Keytar

Racquel can be described as a dynamic and powerful singer. She believes that there is nothing like music to bring you back to another place and time and takes Trilogy’s audience on that journey at every performance. Her heartfelt performance style and honest recreation of each and every song allows her to connect with audiences of all types. She embraces the styles from today’s pop hits as well as classic rock and also favorite artists like Adele and Etta James. For over 15 years Racquel has performed as a soloist as well as with many other smaller musical acts.

Mike Dodge

• Lead Guitar
• Vocals

He plays the guitar behind his head, for heaven's sake! What else do you need to know?

Ken Jansen

• Percussionist

He's bangin' on the bongo like a chimpanzee. No, that ain't workin'. Thats the way you do it!

Mason Viilo

• Saxophone
• Flute
• Rythym Guitar
• Vocals

Ladies, look at your man
Look at me
Now, back at your man
Now back at me
He isn’t me.

BOOKING: Racquel at 616.204.6064